Audit Log Report

Explaining how to export the Audit Logs and detailing its layout

The Audit Log is a log of all information input into or changed on Bizimply. It records what this information is, if information has been changed, what it was before and it describes who made the change and when.

To pull an Audit Log follow these steps:

  • Login to Bizimply online.
  • Click the "Reports" icon in the tool bar
  • Select Account Activity > Audit Log.
  • Choose Locations & Date Range
  • Select the "+ Export" button to Export the report.

What information will I receive with this export?

This file can only be exported as a CSV file.

In this report, the following columns appears:

  • ID (bizimply id of employee who's data was changed)
  • Employee (employee who's data has been changed)
  • Attribute (what has been changed)
  • From (what it was before)
  • To (what it has been changed to)
  • Timestamp
  • Changed By (who changed it)
  • Changed by ID (bizimply id of employee who changed the data)

Sample Audit Log in CSV Format;