Attendance Reports Summary

Find out what attendance reports are available in Bizimply and their functions.

What attendance reports are there?

Employee Timecards.
Timecard Analysis.
Late/Early Report.
Public Reports.

Employee Timecards

This report allows you to easily export your timecards for all your employees across all locations.
Note: Timecards can also be exported individually or in bulk in the Timecards tab of Bizimply.


Timecard Analysis

This report gives you an overall view of your account within the specific date range selected. Unlike the Timecards report - the Timecards Analysis Report will show scheduled times, actual times and selected paid times across multiple locations/employees/schedules/positions.

Late/Early report

This report can be used to determine your more punctual employees as well as seeing if any employees have bad habits of arriving late / finishing early. It can also be used to determine which employees are doing more overtime than others.

Public Holidays

All salaried staff are entitled to an additional days pay on a public holiday. For hourly staff, their public holiday entitlement is dependant on what hours they have worked over the previous 13 weeks. The information contained in this report is an analysis of the previous 13 weeks - giving you figures that will help you calculate what each employee is entitled to.