Different features of an Area Manager's Bizimply Account

In order to use your Bizimply Account when you have been assigned a Location Group Role, you must first log-into your account. See the following article for help;
Signing into Bizimply as an Area Manager

Note: This article runs through every possible feature an Admin can give a Location Group Role. If you do not have access to a feature, that means you have not been given access. If you need access, please contact your administrator.

Should all access be granted the following tools will appear in the tool bar on the top left;
Note: This view is of the Location Group as a whole as seen on the right-hand side.

Employee tools;
By clicking the Employee icon in the tool bar, on the top left-hand side, you will be able to see the profiles of all the employees for each Location within the Location group. 

Reports tools;
By clicking the Reports Icon in the tool bar on the left-hand side, you will be able to export various reports on Attendance, Compliance, Employees and Issues.

Single-Location View;
In order to view an individual Location within the Location Group Click the name of the Location Group on the right hand side and select the Location from the drop down menu.

Single-Location Tools;
There are tools that run on a single Location basis that appear in the tools bar once a specific Location has been selected.

Schedule tools;
This tool lets you create work rosters quickly and easily.

Attendance tools;
This tool allows you to see the times employees clocked in and out and much more.

This tool allows you to manage how you pay employees for their scheduled vs actual time worked.