Approving Time Off Requests

How to approve time off requests in Bizimply

The Dashboard

If you have any pending time off requests, you will see this widget on your dashboard, making sure you never miss or forget about a request!

The Employee Profile

In an employees profile on the "Time Off" tab, you will see a number notification with outstanding requests. Once you click within the "Time Off" section, there will be a records section and a requests section. It is within the request section that you can see the employees' request for time off. 

A new request will have the status of pending. Once you select this request you can view the details of the request and then decide to approve or decline the request.

Once a request has been approved a request, it will generate a duplicate record (that appears in the records tab) that can be edited, while the original request will remain under the requests tab.

Top Tip:

Download this help article and email it to your employees explaining how they can request time off. You can do this in Bizimply by either attaching it to a bulk email or attaching it to the next schedule you send out!

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