You may have noticed that our App Centre has changed slightly.

You can now:

  • View our Standard and Premium apps.
  • Upgrade/downgrade to a different plan as you wish.

To access our App Center click on your name/email in the top right and select My Apps. Please note - You must be an admin to access this area of Bizimply.

If there is an 'Upgrade Now' label, this means you can upgrade to our Premium plan to avail of more features:

You can now view our Standard Apps and Premium apps. You will also be able to view all apps that you currently have switched on - They will display as 'Status: Shown'.

If you wish to upgrade to Premium:

  • Simply click 'Upgrade to Premium' and a member of the team will be in touch to enable the features on your account.

Please note - Once you have upgraded to Premium, you will have access to all of our Premium apps but this does not mean you need to use them all! You can show/hide the apps you need and customise Bizimply for your needs.

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