Part 1: Create a New Employee Role

  1. Log in to your Bizimply admin account
  2. Click on your name/email in the top right-hand corner
  3. Select "Employee Roles" from the drop-down list 
  4. Select New Role
  5. Call the new role “Regional Manager”
  6. Fill in the role description.

Dashboard permissions

  1. Turn on Dashboard Permissions
  2. Tick the dashboard widgets you need your Regional Manager to see.

Note: For your managers to see these widgets, they must also be turned on in the dashboard settings for your account.

HR Profile Permissions

  1. Turn on Employee Permissions
  2. Select the dropdown for “Allow access to the following HR Profiles”. Your RM will now have visibility of the HR Profiles belonging to these roles.
  3. Tick “This Role” in the dropdown to allow the regional manager to view the full HR profile of other regional managers. Leave unticked if you do not want the regional manager to have access to other regional manager’s full HR profiles. 

In this example, the regional manager will see the full HR Profile of all other Regional Managers, Managers, Supervisors and Employees.

Note: Don’t forget to update other existing roles. They may need access to the HR Profiles of employees with this role.

4. Tick “View / Edit Their Personal Profile” . This allows that the regional manager to see his/her full profile. If you untick,  they will only see their shared profile.

5. All other employee permissions control the tabs on all the employee profiles visible to the Regional Manager. In this case, lets leave everything ticked.


Part 2: Add a New Location

  1. Create a new location and call it “Head Office”. For further guidance on how to create a new location read this article.

Note: This is where the Full HR Profiles belonging to your management team can live. 


Part 3: Add your Regional Manager to their Head Office Location

If your Regional Manager does not already have an employee profile:

  1. Select “Head Office” from your locations dropdown
  2. Select “Add employee”
  3. Follow the steps outlined in this Help Article 

If your Regional Manager already has an employee profile:

  1. Go to your employees tab
  2. Select your regional managers employee profile 
  3. Under the details tab, go to main location and select “Change Location”
  4. Hit “Ok” and select “Head Office” from the dropdown menu

Your Regional Manager now has their main location in Head Office.


Part 4: Share your Regional Manager across Multiple Locations

  1. In their employee profile, share them with all the locations they will need access to as Regional Manager
  2. Hit Save


Part 5: Assign the Role of Regional Manager 

  1. Go to the employee Roles tab
  2. Select “Regional Manager”
  3. Hit “Save”


Part 6: Assign the Role of Regional Manager 

  1. After you select the role and hit “Save”, you will be asked “This employee is shared with other locations. Would you like for this role to be applied in those shared locations?”
  2. Hit “Yes”


Congratulations! You have now created your Regional Manager!

Your regional manager will receive and email informing them of their role. They can now log in to Bizimply, giving them access to all their locations under this role, at the same time. 

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